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Conference Rooms

 Excellent for catered or non-catered seminars, networking functions, business meeting with clients, etc.   Scheduling conference room rental time couldn’t be easier.   Simply select “Rental Calendar” and book date.

 CONFERENCE ROOM A       Capacity 60

Rental cost per hour $50.00 for 2 hours minimum $40 for 4 hrs – $35 for 5 plus hrs

Catered event - Rental Cost $12.00 per person

 CONFERENCE ROOM B         Capacity 20 

Rental cost per hour is $35.00 with a 2 hours minimum $30 fir 4 hrs -$20 for 5 plus hrs

Catered event - Rental Cost plus $12.00 per person  

Meeting rooms Capacity 6                               

Rental cost per hour $15.00 2 hours minimum $12 4 hrs $10 for 5 plus hrs                                                

Catered event Rental cost plus $12.00 per person

Who Are Your Neighbors

    Who Are Your Neighbors?

    What are some of the businesses that historically benefit most from the power and promise of an entrepreneurial community?

    - Accounting

    - Audio/video production

    - Marketing

    - Food preparation

    - Sales

    - Graphic design

    - Human resources

    - Information technology

    - Light manufacturing and distribution

    These are a few of the typical companies you might find as your neighbors.

    But, rest assured, whether or not your business is one of the above, we invite you to be a dynamic part of the newest Entrepreneurium community!

    Let’s Grow Together…

    Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. Only serious adults

    need apply. But it doesn’t have to be a solitary endeavor.

    Let the Entrepreneurium support and empower your vision and

    help take your business to new heights.